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The abbreviation used for the term inch can be written as in while the measurement unit called feet is abbreviated to the abbreviation for feet is ft..

Please note that throughout our website we use the below unit symbols for inches and feet the Prime ‘ symbol for feet, and the symbol for the ” symbol for inches and double prime, to refer to inches.

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Inch to Feet Converter

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Inch to Feet Formula

The formula to convert inches into feet:

ft = in / 12 ′ = ″ / 12

The conversion from inches to feet is quite simple:

Because one foot measures twelve inches, we can multiply that length into inches and calculate the length in feet.

For instance, 120 inches = 120 / 12 = 10 feet.

How to Convert Inches to Feet

The amount of inches in one foot is 12.

Therefore, the conversion to ft is done simply by adding 1/12 to the length of feet either by dividing the height or length of ft by 12.

Example 1 24 inches = 24/12 = 2 feet

Example 2 12 inches = 12 x 1/ 12 equals 1 foot

What Are Inches?

Inches are a linear measurement equal to one-third of the length of a foot. Internationally, one inch is 2.54 centimeters.

What Are Feet?

Feet is a unit of linear measurement, which is defined as 30.48 cm according to international agreements. One international foot is 1/3 of an internationally-owned yard.


Foot and inches are often used to determine shorter distances and heights, in addition to elevation, depth and altitude.

The inches and the feet don’t count as SI units.

They are more of imperial units as well as US standard units.

These are commonplace throughout the United States.

In spite of the advent of the system of metric measurement in the United Kingdom (the 1960s), Canada (1970s) and Australia (1960s) inches and feet are used often in these countries.


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In what way can you convert inch into feet?

Divide the number of inches by 12.

Do 12 inches equal 1 foot?

Yes, 12 inches equal 1 foot.

Why are ' and " used as symbols for feet and inches?

They are the first cut and 2nd cut from the unit yard in turn.

How many inches make 1 foot?

12 inches equals 1 foot.

Which symbol is used used to represent the feet or inches?

For inches, the symbol is , while it is the same symbol used for feet .

How many inches are equal to one foot?

12 inches = 1 foot.

Which is more important, 1-inches or 1 foot?

The number of inches is always higher than the equivalent number of feet.

Do 12 inches equal 1 foot?

Yes, an inch can be measured as one-twelfth of the length of a foot.

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Inch to Feet Conversion Table

Here’s our easy conversion chart from inches to feet.

131 1/12
141 1/6
151 3/12
161 1/3
171 5/12
181 1/2
191 7/12
201 2/3
211 3/4
221 5/6
231 11/12
252 1/12
262 1/6
272 3/12
282 1/3
292 5/12
302 1/2
312 7/12
322 2/3
332 3/4
342 5/6
352 11/12
373 1/12
383 1/6
393 3/12
403 1/3
413 5/12
423 1/2
433 7/12
443 2/3
453 3/4
463 5/6
473 11/12
494 1/12
504 1/6
514 3/12
524 1/3
534 5/12
544 1/2
554 7/12
564 2/3
574 3/4
584 5/6
594 11/12
615 1/12
625 1/6
635 3/12
645 1/3
655 5/12
665 1/2
675 7/12
685 2/3
695 3/4
705 5/6
715 11/12
736 1/12
746 1/6
756 3/12
766 1/3
776 5/12
786 1/2
796 7/12
806 2/3
816 3/4
826 5/6
836 11/12
857 1/12
867 1/6
877 3/12
887 1/3
897 5/12
907 1/2
917 7/12
927 2/3
937 3/4
947 5/6
957 11/12
978 1/12
988 1/6
998 3/12
1008 1/3

Additional Information

Metric conversions, often involving the decimal point are easier than the old-fashioned method of the modulo 12 . division (remainder) as shown by the measure of in 1/12 of one foot.

The foot as a measurement unit, aided by the human body is a part of the human anatomy that goes back to antiquated Greek as well as Roman civilizations and also various local definitions throughout time.

Contrary to the anthropic units, units in metric have come to the fore in France in 1799.

With the advent of metric distance measurement, the old unit foot has gradually been eliminated as the official measurement unit in many regions of the world.

Not to be left out Here are the metric equivalents to these English units:

1 inch equals 0.0254 meters

1 inch equals 2.54 centimetres

1 foot equals 0.3048 meters

1 foot = 304.8 millimeters

The meters are an SI base unit for length.

Then we will provide additional details about measurement systems in the United States. United States customary and imperial and measurement systems.

Inches to Feet Conversions

In the course of reading, you’ve learned lots about unit conversions from feet to inches as well as the units themselves and their use.

Additionally, we have provided our inches to feet calculator to you.

The most frequent conversions within this category of our website include examples:

5 8 in Inches – 5 8 to Inches

5 6 in Inches – 5’6

How Many Inches Is 8 Feet

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